Hart's Dry Carpet Cleaning


Hart’s Dry Carpet Cleaning uses the HOST Dry Extraction System for all their carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning has many advantages over other methods of cleaning carpets. The HOST Dry Extraction system uses small sponge like particles that are worked into the carpet which absorb the dirt. The small sponges are then vacuumed up. The carpet is then ready for immediate use.
Hart’s Dry Carpet Cleaning cleans tile and grout in a similar manner as carpets are. HOST sponges are applied and worked around on the surface of the tile and grout. The sponges absorb the dirt. The dirt and sponges are then vacuumed up leaving the the tile and grout clean and residue free.
Over time couches and other upholstery can become stained and soiled. You may notice colors start to look dull and not as bright as they used to. Hart’s Dry Carpet Cleaning can restore your upholstery’s beauty and remove stains and dirt.
The HOST Dry Extraction system is very effective in removing odors from carpets. While the sponge particles are being worked into the carpet they absorb much of the odor from the carpet. When the sponges are vacuumed up they take the odor with them.